Guilherme Kramer

Sept 27th – Nov 17th 2013

"Drawing is a way of collecting things - objects , feelings, garbage, plants, like a huge patchwork of life."

“I like to paint with Indian ink because it is quick to work with, it has speed and rhythm, like the heartbeat."

“In Sao Paolo we have an Oriental district, and it was there that I began to paint when I was younger...

... My work is very black and white because I was crazy about the Sumie and Oriental prints and paintings!”

Guilherme Kramer


D'Agata on HK Radio!

"Funky stuff happening down in Ap Lei Chau I must say I haven’t been there for a long time but it’s turning art-tastic down there"

Antoine D'Agata and Birgit Vagani from toof is interviewed by Phil Whelan from RTHK

South Island Cultural District

toof [ contemporary ] is now part of the freshly founded South Island Cultural District (SICD). Located only 15 minutes away from Central and with more than 16 local and international galleries and artist studios spreading from Wong Chuk Hang to Ap Lei Chau, our neighborhood has become a new and exciting destination for contemporary art.

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